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Easy Number
Coface no. 82495550
Company name SIA "aquatherm Latvija"
National ID 40002023648
VAT No. LV40002023648
Address Ogres nov., Ogre, Kalna prospekts 6, LV-5001, LV
Country of registration Latvia
Legal form Limited Liability Company
Coface Select

You need to get basic company information of your business partners? Then Coface Select is your option. Our offer covers companies from Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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Coface Select Premium

Coface Select Premium combines all the benefits of our basic product Coface Select enriched by the maximum credit recommendation of Coface. This helps you to base your decisions on expert information.

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Coface Business Credit Report

It is vital to know the financial situation of your business partners, therefore Coface Business Credit Reports offer you a comprehensive and flexible tool for your credit risk management. They help you to assess potential business partners and categorize clients based on their credit and payment history.

If your requested report isn´t available online, please sign up. After registration you can choose between three delivery times. Depending on the urgency of the credit report we offer “Normal”, “Express” and “Flash”. The delivery time is calculated in working days from the ordering time and can vary from country to country.

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Coface Risk Monitor
Need to stay informed on your customer portfolio? With Coface Risk Monitor, we automate the surveillance of your credit risk, and inform you actively about all changes that matter to you so you can make informed decisions. You get
• a full Coface Business Credit Report
• automatic monitoring of changes in @rating Score, maxium credit and up to 18 criteria
• prompt notifications showing previous and current situation and figures


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